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Four Barrel, a San Francisco-based coffee roastery, is now releasing limited edition bottles of cold brew to raise money and generate awareness for various social justice causes. A portion of proceeds from their latest batch will be donated to the non-profit organization Black Lives Matter, commemorating Black History Month with a release date of February 2019. The client wants a bold visual identity that promotes product sales and also provides information to consumers about this important cause, reinforcing their own brand mission of “improving the lives of people all up and down the coffee chain.”

This special series of bottled coffee is named WOKE, a term originally coined by the Black Lives Matter organization that now refers to general social awareness. The name has a double meaning, also bringing to mind the caffeine-induced alertness one gets from drinking coffee. I created a label focused on clean typography, preserving the Cornerstone typeface and line elements from the Black Lives Matter branding. Strong brand messaging creates visual interest without distracting from the cause, and the stark use of black and white reinforces the sobering issue of police brutality against people of color. Individual victims are honored with their names printed inside the bottle caps and profiles featured on the Four Barrel website.